Openledger DEX User Interface

We found a way to attract new users and keep them from data overload

Openledger DEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Bitshare. It’s in the top-150 of 24-hour-volume-rankings exchanges.

143 place as at September 2018 on rating.

The Challenge

To increase new registrations and the share of active traders.

Research and pre-production

All aspects of working with exchanges have been learned thoroughly. We made an in-depth analysis of navigation and workflow, support requests and many more. According to this data, we put together and examined the hypothesis about what particular issues users may face. And how to fix them.

As any mass market product, OLDEX must be easy to interact. In our case, a simple start for traders is crucial to engage new users. Furthermore, with an outstanding user interface, we wanted to attract other exchanges users.

We drastically changed the registration, introduction, adjustment processes. Such pages as balance and coins descriptions. And what is particularly important — withdrawal and funding steps.


New traders used to come across a bunch of unfamiliar and confusing terms like wallet model, bin file, account model, or brainkey. Basically, they are all about two different registration types: with a file consisted a key, or with regular login and password.

The decision has been made to divide clearly two registration types. And to clarify the difference between them in the registration form itself.


Before you had to go through a crypto quest to start trading:

1. To register and proceed with identification:

2. To try to fund the account

  • To search for a way how to do that
  • To make a support request
  • To make a deposit on a side exchange
  • To learn its user interface
  • To fund
  • To transfer the money if you succeed on the previous steps

3. To get funds on your exchange account
4. To start trading

Openledger faced losing its users because they were confused from the very beginning.

We came up with a concept of how to facilitate the funding process and make it intuitive:

  1. Select a deposit account
  2. Choose a way to fund



Alex Revyako, Andrey Telego, Artyom Grinevich


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