Andrey Olinevich

Andrey Olinevich

Ex-Senior designer

An interior designer by education. I completed the courses in drawing and painting.

I have extensive experience in creating interfaces for corporate and banking products. I worked on interfaces: online stores, internal products for large companies, online platforms for the sale of cars and equipment, mobile applications, banking applications and products for customers and employees. Custom specific projects for use within the company. I also have experience and knowledge in illustration, 3d graphics, animation, basic understanding of layout.

I strive to find the very thing – the ideal solution to the problem. I look into the project to understand the work of all processes. I take into account the interests of the user, the business and the life of the interface after the completion of the task, the subsequent scaling of large projects.

I think the best interface is the one you don’t even know about. I finished the courses at the Gorbunov Bureau.

My hobbies: Illustrations, photography, computer graphics, 3d sculpting and sculpture, Arduino.

3D illustrations for the TCS Group
TCS Group 3D illustrations for the TCS Group

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