Online Store Development

We offer reasonable, fully functional solutions and do not sell «boxes» with half of their capacity going unused. But we think ahead and bring on board your online store features that can come in handy later in such an ever-changing world as ecommerce.

Building online shops is really a piece of cake for our designers at Right, so we can afford to skip the prototyping stage which blows up the cost of development and eats up our precious time.

We like to keep every step of the process under control from the very first meeting with the client to integrating CRMs, warehouse management software, payment systems or whatever else you may suggest.

As big fans of the iterative development model, we go straight to getting a draft version of your website which will take its final shape with two or three cycles and reviews by the art director, feedback from the client and a drop of inspiration on the part of our classy designers.

How We Build — Step by Step

Going deep down into the business

We ask a myriad questions to get to know the client company better, understand the business logic and diagnose the problems. Then we search for a fitting solution.

Analyzing the audience and its needs

We analyze the client’s customers and their needs to find out who is going to use the product and learn about their preferences.

Creating website design

We follow the iterative design process and don’t waste time on prototypes to build websites. It takes 2 or 3 iteration reviews to take the concept and the draft UI to the final stage.

Finding a recognizable website style

We harness the power of pictures, icons, and a mindful approach to working with colors and effects to design for greater engagement and bring fantastic energy to your website. We take care to get the visual part in tune with the general idea of the product and in line with the client’s industry.

Systems integration

Now we need to bring some vital bells and whistles on board like warehouse management and payment systems, banking and installment payment solutions. We set up SSL, connect your website with analytics systems and CRMs, set up call tracking, end-to-end analytics tools or anything at your choice.

Launching and testing

We help ensure that the project runs smoothly, support the devs and control the quality of the design implementation. Then we test the live interface and write up a list of bugs to fix.

Design of Craft Marketplace Design of Craft Marketplace

We came up with the way of attracting craftsmen and customers to a new service with the help of design

Let’s talk about business

Your request will immediately go to the sales department. One of the managers will answer you in order to discuss details. It takes up to half an hour during working hours