Brand strategy

We look to the future. We adjust the form and content to the plan. We help to find something that will make out the brand from competitors. We do it boldly, systematically and professionally.

Branding in general is a story about how to create the right image and association in people’s minds, win love and give love.

There are two components of any brand digital product:

  • external — application icon, banners, advertising that work for recognition and understanding ‘Yes, this is the very product’;
  • internal — for instance, an app interface or a website. Thanks to them, the brand keeps on communicating with the audience, carrying the message and shaping the interaction experience. And if UX is an eyesore, no amount of advertising will save a brand.

We work with the brand as a system: from the first impression to the tone of voice and micro-animations in the interface. Moreover, we do it so that the brand image remains the whole system regardless of the channel.

A brand platform scheme, with the help of which it is easy to keep in mind all the fundamental elements that will affect all external brand communication.

At the level of creating a brand platform, we work with fundamental things. They help to understand the brand and lay the right foundation, which will be transmitted with the help of visual images, tone of voice and the language of communication.

Strategic branding of delivery service Onlíner Prime
Onliner Strategic branding of delivery service Onlíner Prime

We’ve helped to create the delivery icon

Rebranding of Onliner ecosystem
Onliner Rebranding of Onliner ecosystem

We’ve infringed on the most sacred thing and survived

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