Website design

We develop everything: online stores, corporate websites, Internet banking landings and portals. We solve various business issues with the help of design: we help advertise products, improve customer service, increase conversions, and deal with other issues.

To develop a website in the right way means to solve a problem, and not to beautify it. We look into your product and services in detail so as to understand user needs and business interests.

All sites developed by Right studio are copyright projects: we neither use templates nor copy anyone. Your site is the only variant, beautiful and unique. We know how to show the advantages of products, design convenient interfaces and make marvelous graphics. There are no difficult tasks for us: we will make either a well-functional service or an explosive landing page greatly.

Portals, catalogs and classifications

We organize large amounts of information professionally, build navigation and help users to choose among hundreds and thousands of offers for the most loaded multi-user projects. Projects that we are proud of are, Your Capital, Komoda.

Corporate websites

We develop websites for long-lasting brands with a history and established values. With the help of the site, we help to reflect the desired brand image, solve marketing issues, present your product to partners and customers. To do this, we pay much attention to the work of the business, mark important information and offer an appropriate solution.

Online Stores

We launch and support online stores. We don’t offer to buy a pig in a poke, where the client will need 15% of the functionality, but we make a solution for the business — easy, fast and perfectly adjusted. We integrate a website with a warehouse for loading balances, integrate online payment and payments by installment cards. We link it to the required CRM, advertising offices, analytics systems.

Promotional pages and landing pages

We build the semantic and visual structure of the landing page in order to attract and involve users. We show the advantages of a business or product with the help of graphics, bouncy text and product demo in real life. Thanks to videos and photos, people can easily imagine how they will use the product in life.

Site creation process

We look into business

We ask many questions about business, market, competitors and industry. We analyze the business logic and understand what problems exist. We look for a solution to help.

We investigate the audience and its needs

We analyze the business audience and its needs in order to understand who will use the product and take into account the interests of users.

We design a website design

We deal with design in iterations, so we don’t waste time on prototypes in website development. The website concept and draft go through 2–3 iterations of the review and turn into the final design.

We develop a visual and recognizable website style

We control the mood of users on the website with illustrations, icons and professional work with colors and effects. We prepare the graphic part so that it works for the general idea and corresponds to the business industry.

We integrate the necessary systems

We integrate the site with different systems: warehouse, payment services, banks and installments. We set up SSL, link the site to the analytics system, link it to the desired CRM and set up call tracking, end-to-end analytics and whatever else you wish.

Launch and test

We make sure everything goes well. We help developers and control the quality of design implementation. After launch, we test and form a bug list.

Rebranding and website of dataset platform Kontur 
Kontur Rebranding and website of dataset platform Kontur 

Have put the brand on the map of startups that save the world

Fivefold increased number of leads for ISP Satsol
Satsol Fivefold increased number of leads for ISP Satsol

Not magic, but an expert redesign

The Corporative Site of Bayer CropScience Consortium
Bayer CropScience The Corporative Site of Bayer CropScience Consortium

We have developed a regional site with useful information for farmers and finalized corporative guidelines

A website for OneSoil, the free platform for reliable agricultural decisions
OneSoil A website for OneSoil, the free platform for reliable agricultural decisions

The guys have figured out how to revolutionize agriculture, and we’re here to help them tell the world about it

A new website for the intuitive keyboard system developer Clevetura
Clevetura A new website for the intuitive keyboard system developer Clevetura

And an overview of a future tech that’s already here

Cloud solutions marketplace for Cloud solutions marketplace for

We redefined the services together with the provider and launched the first cloud marketplace in Belarus.

Let’s talk about business

Your request will immediately go to the sales department. One of the managers will answer you in order to discuss details. It takes up to half an hour during working hours