Business Apps

We design corporate interfaces that help automate business processes, boost task performance, optimize routine actions and ensure a comprehensive approach to company management.

Corporate portals

Enterprise information websites help companies tweak their workflows without the need to integrate expensive systems with too many unnecessary functions on board. They allow companies to put specific business processes in place effortlessly, take care of document management, establish and simplify communication between teams and clients.


  • personnel record keeping solutions,
  • automation of accounting and finance processes,
  • corporate databases,
  • interfaces for equity construction partner systems.

CRM Systems

CRMs help automate customer communications, form client bases, plan, gather actionable sales intelligence and instantly take the appropriate measures. The primary goal of a CRM UX/UI is to drive effective marketing and sales results.


  • sales management and customer service systems,
  • marketing campaign management,
  • single banking client databases,
  • debtor tracking systems for banks.

ERP Systems

This is an effective tool used by major enterprises for streamlining workflows when all the processes and communications are starting to take their toll. ERP software helps manage all of a company’s resources, sync and control collaboration across teams and departments, distribute tasks and standardize the docflow.


  • warehouse management systems,
  • HR management,
  • accounting automation.
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