Brand identity creation

We create branding and identity for complex digital products. We cut the chase and understand your complex project at once. We are great at banks, classifications, and fintech projects. We deal with business processes, know the market professionally and don’t spend millions of hours on learning the field.

We take into account the needs of business

Companies don’t come up with a request like ‘We need branding’. They say, ‘We need a logo / corporate identity.’ But after a couple of interviews about the plans and development of the company, it becomes obvious that the request is broader than just the development of the logo.

For start-up companies and new products

We offer the development of basic elements of identity such as logo, color, font.

For mid-sized companies

We will prepare typography and layout rules, color schemes, corporate patterns, media design techniques, advertising and illustrations.

For companies and products that have been on the market for a long time

We will make redesign. If the company’s identity has developed on its own during existence, we maintain continuity and take the best features of the existing style. To this basis we add something new that characterizes the company: trends of work, sales markets and features of the strategy.

Identity is more than just a logo. It is important, but not sufficient to express the identity of a company or product. In a well-formed brand, the logo is only a part of the visual identity.

We work on different kinds of communication with clients

So as to keep a brand sustainable, it is important to deal with four communication media: visual, verbal, sensual and interactive. It is similar to the human sense system. Our approach to work — ‘Identity-360’ — exactly consists of this.


As the identity develops, there rise all ways of communication between business and clients, for instance, counter decoration, application interfaces or corporate gifts for exhibitions.

Unit self-service device. ‘Identity-360’ scheme
We developed a brand for the Unit self-service device — a convenient replacement for all cash registers and ATMs. During this process, almost all points were affected according to the ‘Identity-360’ scheme

Disclaimer or something like that

We don’t work with weapons manufacturers, political organizations, state media, online casinos and meat-processing factories. We’ll hardly find a common ground if you need marketing design, wow effect, creative logo.

Strategic branding of delivery service Onlíner Prime
Onliner Strategic branding of delivery service Onlíner Prime

We’ve helped to create the delivery icon

Rebranding and website of dataset platform Kontur 
Kontur Rebranding and website of dataset platform Kontur 

Have put the brand on the map of startups that save the world

3D illustrations for the TCS Group
TCS Group 3D illustrations for the TCS Group

We’ve made up a quick and stereotype-free communication with customers

The identity of the automobile site The identity of the automobile site

We’ve designed the logo that will move any car

Let’s talk about business

Your request will immediately go to the sales department. One of the managers will answer you in order to discuss details. It takes up to half an hour during working hours