Web App Design

We bring together technologies and design to create the best fitting solutions for businesses. We also help automate big data-related tasks involving databases, catalogs, docflow, management systems, logs and more.

A web application is a website that runs as fluidly as a mobile app.

Web apps are accessed via an internet browser. They behave like mobile apps and can be used offline.


  • No need to install additional software to run web apps because they are cross-platform.
  • No need to design custom UIs for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • A simple update process: no need to download or install the upgrades.


  • Web apps require an active internet connection during the first launch.
  • Internet connection is also required to refresh the UI in case of major failures.
  • Resource-intensive SEO.
  • Sometimes web apps can be slower than their mobile counterparts.

What makes a web app different from a common website is that its UI is meant to be convenient for active use, with short response times and a prompt reaction to user input without reloading the page. But there is a really fine line between web apps and websites.

Big ecommerce websites are often hybrid solutions combining a web app and a classic website – that is, some of their sections and components function as a traditional website, while the catalog and the cart modules work as a web application. Most users wouldn’t be able to tell whether they are using a website or a web app.

We design web apps for

Companies handling vast amounts of important data

We understand the value of user data stored in user profiles, staff registers, record and file tracking systems, and we know how to keep it save in case of internet outages.

Product companies and IT startups with in-house dev teams or independent coders who have a pet project

We build the user-facing part for apps and create a single design system to make it easier to maintain and update them regardless of the programming language you work with.

Web app design for businesses

We use an iterative approach to projects which allows us to quickly adjust the development process to your goals and priorities. We do not sell «boxes» to run at a 15% capacity – we offer lightweight and fast solutions that perfectly meet your business needs.

Web app design for dev teams

Whatever tools you use to build your apps – be it Java, Python, Go, Node.js or something else – we can help visualize your idea and structurize it based on the main user scenarios in the web app.

Right + Devs = Love

A developer-minded approach to building UIs

We build UI kits or design systems: brush up the styles, elements, blocks and modules, pics and icons. Tie the elements together into dependencies with classes and variables. Write detailed documentation, describe how things should work and support the coders throughout the development phase.

Post launch support

Our projects are based on atomic design systems, which makes them easy to maintain and update. We test the actual interface, prepare bug reports and provide troubleshooting support. If necessary, we design new app scenarios for future releases.

Redesign of the beGateway payment system control panel interface
eComСharge Redesign of the beGateway payment system control panel interface

Have increased the efficiency of the Support Team and the merchants’ loyalty through deep-laid interfaces

Let’s talk about business

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