Designing an app or a website alone is only half the battle. It’s way more important to launch a product that will generate revenue. We turn UI into a product that will work for you by managing projects from the very first interview with the client and right until its integration with payment systems and CRMs.​​


There’s really nothing we couldn’t do here at Right: we build online stores, business websites, online banking solutions and info portals. We use design to solve a variety of business problems such as speeding up client service, reducing churn and more. We also integrate related services into websites, including warehouse management and payment systems, CMS, analytics systems or whatever you might need.

How We Build – Step by Step

Going deep down into the business

First off, we have several Q&A sessions with the client to learn more about the company we’re dealing with, understand its business logic and outline the problems. Then we try to figure out how we can help and come up with a reasonable solution.

Analyzing the audience and its needs

We analyze the client’s customers and their needs and preferences to find out who is going to use the product. We focus on the context and conditions in which users will interact with the product, its technical and business-related limitations.

Building the design solution

We work through key scenarios and map out the user journey for complex UIs. We skip those steps while building simple websites and services and go straight to designing a draft UI, which emerges into its final version after 3 or 4 iteration reviews.

Scaling the UI over auxiliary processes

After running through two or three key user flows, we get a clear picture of how to build out the rest. At this stage, we work through secondary user flows like ordering delivery for online shops, installment payment plans or choosing associated goods for the main purchase.

Creating a recognizable website style

We play with pictures, icons, colors and effects to give the product a unique touch and make it instantly recognizable. We take care to get the visual part to communicate the general idea of the product and be in tune with the client’s industry.

Unifying the UI components

We build a UI kit or a design system: brush up the styles, elements, blocks and modules, pics and icons. Tie the elements together into dependencies with classes and variables.

The final push: bringing to life and fine-tuning the website

Designers and developers take a magic wand and turn the mockups into a fully-fledged product — bearing in mind cross browser compatibility and adaptivity, of course. Now, we’re almost there, integrating it with CRM software, setting up SSL, connecting the website with analytics systems, setting up call tracking and whatever-you-please.

The Corporative Site of Bayer CropScience Consortium
Bayer CropScience The Corporative Site of Bayer CropScience Consortium

We have developed a regional site with useful information for farmers and finalized corporative guidelines

A new website for the intuitive keyboard system developer Clevetura
Clevetura A new website for the intuitive keyboard system developer Clevetura

And an overview of a future tech that’s already here

Landing page for Alvo FoodTech startup
Alvo Landing page for Alvo FoodTech startup

How we designed a landing page and set up a base for a strong upcoming brand identity

Let’s talk about business

Your request will immediately go to the sales department. One of the managers will answer you in order to discuss details. It takes up to half an hour during working hours