Kseniya Aniskovich

Kseniya Aniskovich

Ex-Head of Marketing Department, Brand Strategist

I write about other people and for other people, but I don’t like writing about myself.

I studied at two schools of the Gorbunov Bureau – editors and managers.

I usually pretend to be smart and get bored a lot. I love author’s comics (neither Marvel nor DC), I’m crazy about avant-garde, magazine layout and Swiss posters.

At night I read books on typography, and during the day I write and edit all kinds of things.

Rebranding of Onliner ecosystem
Onliner Rebranding of Onliner ecosystem

We’ve infringed on the most sacred thing and survived

Identity of the Real Estate Site Realt.by
Realt.by Identity of the Real Estate Site Realt.by

We humanized the brand and made it cosy & friendly