Total Rebranding for HealthGoesUp

How a brand takes off to the stratosphere with a minimal branding set

HealthGoesUp is a medical article directory with up-to-date info and recent researches. It includes all health aspects and written in clear professional language that is both competent and easy to understand for any reader. But the level of trust among new users was not that high.

So the challenge is… rebranding?

Are you sure you’ve got a brand?

Many companies that have a logo, a website and sort of promotion issues are thinking over starting a rebranding process. We would advise to start from understanding if you actually have a brand.
Our real challenge is: to create brand identity and implement it on the website.

Any strong brand is a solid system. It will never grow up on a basement made of common phrases and values like “healthy”.

We get together right values, sharpen them, and translate into a graphic language

Curiosity and positive way of thinking — the first steps towards a better level of life.


From living on autopilot to the responsive understanding of your body needs.


Up, up, up it goes... Now we really want to learn more about ourselves.

Why a giraffe? Because he’s cool.


It looks like now we have a new graphic effect here...

We get together right values, sharpen them, and translate into a graphic language

Curiosity and positive way of thinking — the first steps towards a better level of life.

From living on autopilot to the responsive understanding of your body needs.

Up, up, up it goes… Now we really want to learn more about ourselves.

Why a giraffe? Because he’s cool.

It looks like now we have a new graphic effect here…

... Look! You can brand everything around with it. And so simple!

Every logo has to be stable, and every giraffe — charismatic

Every logo has to be stable, and every giraffe — charismatic

We work on some details. A leaf becomes a final point here: it’s a seed of knowledge, a new-found target, your permanent motivator and balance of the whole composition at the same time.

Contrast colors will never make any medical references, but will cheer you up. is quite popular, so we have picked up expressive fonts with open licence.

Now the Website

The new style goes to the web portal.

The new plasticity of forms is appeared together with some ideas for illustrations.

We keep the structure simple and put the new style on it. To make the look stronger we set the rules of image processing. Now it’s done.

Changes always follow a thoughtful rebranding. There are no heavy costs or difficulties here, but completed business challenges and a clear statement.

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  • December 22, 2018
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