Unit-ATM branding

We figured out how to combine dozens of banks on one device perfectly


The IT company that has developed UNIT technology and is launching the first SaaS-ATM in Belarus.

The goal

To develop a brand for a self-service device — a convenient replacement for all bank cash registers and ATMs.


Every bank has its own network of ATMs and cash registers. All of this requires expensive maintenance: payment for the rent of big areas and the maintenance of the staff. ATMs in the city compete for attention. A colorful variety of views creates a lot of visual noise. Customers walk along the line of ATMs and look out for: «Is it my or not my ATM?», «With or without commission…». If there is no compartment for accepting cash — you have to go to the bank department.

Imagine: just one device that connects all ATMs and cash registers

Customers of any bank can withdraw money from this device, pay bills and perform other operations without any commission. Banks, therefore, can expand their network and abandon expensive departments.

It is the device that we have to bring to the market. Let’s go!

Strategy and brand naming

We take attention from banks. Get rid of acronyms, conservatism, boring royal blue and white collars.

Стратегия и нейминг

Отстраиваемся от банков. Долой аббревиатуры, консерватизм, скучный royal blue и белые воротнички.

We design a custom font with reverse contrast for the logo, and add an accent bright dot at the end.
Reverse contrast font is a font where vertical lines are narrower than horizontal ones.

The logo looks holistic — no matter how it can be shortened.

We work out the whole route of the customer from different distances and on different media: from billboards to signs. Finally, we come to the device itself.
An ATM unit can be located outside or inside. We create branding for all variants.

The client inserts his card into a Unit ATM and ...

… like magic: the customer’s native bank on the Unit’s screen. With access to all accounts and deposits. One can even get a loan.
On the one hand, the interface is unified: screens and button locations are the same for all banks;
on the other hand, it acquires the appearance of the necessary bank easily, and customers know for sure that they are at the right place.

We collect everything into a single design system and give it to the customer.

Let’s talk about business

Your request will immediately go to the sales department. One of the managers will answer you in order to discuss details. It takes up to half an hour during working hours

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